7 Chic and Eco-Conscious Swimwear Brands to Shop This Summer

7 Chic and Eco-Conscious Swimwear Brands to Shop This Summer

Swimwear options are as diverse as they’ve ever been–styles are abundant, there’s a plethora of choices for coverage (depending on if you want more, or less), and better still, more companies are turning to eco-friendly fabrics to make their products.

Econyl, a regenerated fabric made from nylon waste, is one of the more popular choices used in swimwear due to its durability and recyclability. It closes the loop for fabric production, as it reduces existing waste such as industrial plastic, fabric scraps and fishing nets from the ocean, and can be continuously reproduced to the same quality as brand new nylon. With an estimated 60,000 tonnes of abandoned fishing nets estimated to exist in our oceans, that’s a lot of Econyl available to produce. 

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These are our top picks for brands turning to more sustainable production practices, whether its using eco-conscious fabrics or giving back to communities, while offering ultra-chic styles that will excite and delight:



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