A Peculiar Choice

A Peculiar Choice

French start-up Nardone Automotive unveiled its Porsche 928 restomod earlier this month during Milan Design Week. Many consider the 928 as the odd child of the Porsche family, thanks to its completely different aesthetics when compared to the rest of the range at the time. While it was in production from 1977 to 1995 with over 60,000 made, the automaker chose to let the concept die, never creating a successor. Perhaps this is why Nardone has chosen the unique 928 for their debut project.

Using a Porsche 928 S4 as the donor car, the restomod keeps the overall shape of the original but enhances it with new bodywork — including seriously pumped fenders — in carbon fibre. The headlights are also a highlight, with their unique design and built, as are the new forged 18-inch wheels equipped with Michelin Pilot Sport 5 tyres serving as a modern interpretation of the original ‘manhole’ 16-inch wheel.

The unusual V8 engine (for Porsche at the time, anyway) has been pushed to 400 hp and paired with a six-speed limited-slip differential gearbox. Other mechanical updates include a redesigned front and rear axle and spindles, active electronic suspension, adaptive electric power steering, and a new braking system. The interior is also completely redesigned, using Foglizzo leather and alcantara for the upholstery, while the brand new audio system with Porsche Classic Management System and Apple CarPlay brings the entertainment right up to date.

While Nardone’s 928 isn’t a one-off, only eight examples will be available as the “launch edition”. Each will cost €480,000 minimum excluding tax and a donor car, and delivery can be expected in two years’ time.



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