An Ode To Ferrari’s Testarossa

An Ode To Ferrari’s Testarossa

The Ferrari Testarossa made its stunning debut at the 1984 Paris Motor Show with its unique design featuring beautiful signature side air intakes — something that has become iconic and instantly recognisable in the years since. Swiss company Officine Fioravanti has completed a restomod project titled TR Alte Prestazioni using the Testarossa as the donor car, with the aim to deliver the performance and drivability of a modern hypercar.

Officine Fioravanti is keen to push the TR Alte Prestazioni to the extreme, hence the donor car has been completely reworked in every aspect from mechanicals, to electronics, and to aesthetics. The flat-12 engine was taken apart and updated with new cylinder heads, a dry sump system, exhaust, ECU, and more, and is now pushing around 600 hp. Electronically controlled Öhlins dampers have also been added to the revised chassis, while Brembo brakes and an ABS system are also available on the classic model.

The 18-inch front and 19-inch rear wheels are custom-designed in-house by Officine Fioravanti and share the same vibe as the originals, while the interior has been given a bit of a makeover using Italian leather upholstery. Modern infotainment is also specced with Bluetooth and Apple Carplay supported.

While the TR Alte Prestazioni is a one-off project, it wouldn’t be a surprise if more classic car enthusiasts begin looking to Officine Fioravanti with the hope of getting a similar treatment for one of their own machines.



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