Baer & Bosch Auctioneers: Luxury Watch Auction House For The Aficionados

Omega Speedmaster Date Watch 3511.61 - Baer & Bosch Watch Auction House

Baer & Bosch Auctioneers: Luxury Watch Auction House For The Aficionados

A New Way of Online Watch Auctions

It seemed that the watch collecting world had been frozen in time, and these recent events had left their mark. The whole world is shifting, and so are the means of going about it. With new online watch auctions coming out nowadays, collectors have been exploring horological treasures in a way that seems to be more convenient than ever! Online watch auctions are a new frontier waiting to be discovered with all of this convenience and exploration at our fingertips.

Platinum Cartier European Watch Co Swiss Pocket Watch - Baer & Bosch Watch Auction
Platinum Cartier European Watch Co Swiss pocketwatch. 📷 © Baer & Bosch Watch Auctioneer, located in Cheyenne, WY.

Welcome to A New Auction World for Online Collectibles

Baer & Bosch Auctioneers is a wristwatch auction house with specialists in several fields. Though they may not have the cache of larger auction houses, you’ll find a treasure trove at this Wyoming-based business. They offer everything from Rolex watches to Supreme skateboards, with plenty in between for all your needs! The Baer & Bosch auction catalogs will make any collector drool over their next potential acquisition, whether it be a vintage Breguet minute repeater pocket watch or a Piet Parra tomato lamp.

Breguet Minute Repeater Pocket Watch - Baer & Bosch Watch Auction
Vintage Breguet minute repeater pocket watch in yellow gold. 📷 © Baer & Bosch Pocket Watch Auctioneers.

The timepieces for sale at their auctions are astounding. You’ll find a wide variety of vintage and modern watches. These exquisite pieces range from Rolex, Omega, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, MHR Mahara, and more! It’s not just wristwatches at a Baer & Bosch auction; they also have pocket watches and fine jewelry. This auctioneer is genuinely comprehensive – you won’t be disappointed!

Mahara MHR Chronograph Date Watch With Salmon Dial - Baer & Bosch Watch Auction
Rare Mahara MHR chronograph date watch with salmon dial. 📷 © Baer & Bosch Watch Auction House.

Baer & Bosch Auctioneers has been showcasing these treasures since 2012. They’ve sold countless remarkable items over the years, including two scarce special editions Omega watches – Omega Speedmaster Chronograph reference 3511.81 and Omega Speedmaster Chronograph watch #3511.61.

Omega Speedmaster Date Chronograph Wristwatch 3511.81 - Baer & Bosch Watch Auction
Rare Omega Speedmaster Date Chronograph wristwatch #3511.81 with cobalt blue dial. 📷 © Baer & Bosch Rare Omega Auction.

Exclusive Watches for the Discerning Enthusiast

Some memorable horological finds at Baer & Bosch come right out of their watch department, such as a Vacheron Constantin timepiece in the form of a $20 gold coin. Vintage coin watches are sometimes confused for pocket watches and were once very popular. They were made by Swiss watch manufacturers such as Corum, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, and Rolex. Another incredible find was an antique Breguet minute repeater pocket watch.

Vacheron Constantin Coin Watch - Baer & Bosch Watch Auction
Vintage Vacheron Constantin $20 coin watch in 18k yellow gold. 📷 © Baer & Bosch Horology Auction.

Watch collectors can find some of the rarest timepieces at this auction house. One particular lot was a vintage Rolex Air-king #5500 with a rare Samarec logo dial. Rolex stopped adding logos to their dials and have become challenging to find. They are not just about vintage watches. They also have a comprehensive collection of elusive horology ephemera and books.

Rolex Air King 5500 Samarec Logo Dial - Baer & Bosch Watch Auction
Rolex Air-King 5500 Samarec logo dial. 📷 © Baer & Bosch Timepiece Auctioneer.

Uncommon Patek Philippe Clock Multicapt  is a Collector’s Dream

A vintage 1970’s Patek Philippe Multicapt Nixie Tube with clock, reference 474P, is a watch aficionado’s dream. The quality and value was excellent, and it even came with a Patek Philippe operations manual. Clock collectors love the Patek Philippe Multicapt; these timepieces are a rarity in today’s market and served an essential function in many industries.

Patek Philippe Multicapt Clock 474P - Baer & Bosch Watch Auction
Vintage Patek Philippe Multicapt clock 474P. 📷 © Baer & Bosch Vintage Clock Auction.

Baer & Bosch Auctioneers curates for all manners of clientele, from first-time bidders just discovering the wonders of online auctions to hardcore collectors who want something desirable. But no matter what you’re after – whether it’s contemporary art or skateboards – this Baer & Bosch company has your perfect match. They have specialists with several decades of experience in their watch department in addition to their urban art department. They also offer a luxury collectibles section in their private sales division under Acquire Now at Baer & Bosch. You’ll find modern and vintage timepieces, in addition to collectible urban art such as skate decks and art toys.

Collecting Curios From Around the World

Online auctions are taking off. They offer value not only in convenience but also provide opportunities to find rare items in the comfort of your own home. Collectors can also access watch auction results to see the latest trends and prices. Baer & Bosch is one of the leading auction houses for collectible watches. They have an experienced watch department and an international reputation for expertise. In addition to their popular urban art auctions, Baer & Bosch has been hosting online watch auctions since 2012. You’ll find contemporary timepieces as well as vintage items from across the globe. There are many ways to buy timepieces online, but only a few places offer you such an extraordinary experience as Baer & Bosch Auctioneers. They provide top notice customer service from start to finish.

Maitres Du Temps Chapter Three Reveal Wristwatch - Baer & Bosch Watch Auction
Maitres Du Temps Chapter Three Reveal wristwatch in 18k white gold. 📷 © Baer & Bosch Wristwatch Auction.

Why Buy At A Watch Auction House Online

Buying and selling modern and antique timepieces and clocks have changed. As the online auction become a standard, many collectors took advantage of this new way to buy and sell collectible items. Online auctions are growing exponentially, which means there are more options for fans and enthusiasts in any category. These treasures tell their own story and offer a stellar investment opportunity and value for individuals who collect them.

Discover to the World’s Largest Collections via Auction

The beauty and the power that watches represent is something to be appreciated. Watches are more than practical time-telling devices; they have long been an expression of taste and character. For some, timepieces are a way of showing the world who they are by investing in something that defines them as an individual with personality and creativity. For a new generation of collectors, the thrill and joy of owning an item is not limited to brick-and-mortar stores.

Patek Philippe Ellipse Solar Clock with Box - Baer & Bosch Watch Auction
Vintage Patek Philippe Ellipse solar clock with box. 📷 © Baer & Bosch Rare Clock Auction.

Baer & Bosch Auctioneers curates the most exciting pieces from worldwide. They provide a service that is beneficial for those looking for an auction and offers opportunities to collectors of all ages. The Baer Brothers have always been interested in auctions as they both attended their first watch auction at age 7! From there on out, it was clear this would be what they wanted to do with life; combining their savvy business skills along with valuing history, these brothers know precisely where we should go when we want something unique or historic.

Omega Speedmaster Date Watch 3511.61 - Baer & Bosch Watch Auction House
Omega Speedmaster Date watch 3511.61 with Oxblood dial. 📷 © Baer & Bosch Watch Auction House.

Locating your cherished Rolex or a coveted piece from Damien Hirst can take you to some unexpected places. The internet has created a whole new way of bidding. Baer & Bosch watch auction house opens up access by providing online auctions with more international reach than ever before. It’s never been easier to unearth your next great piece from the comfort of your home!

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If you missed Baer & Bosch’s last watch auction, you’d be happy to know they have several beautiful timepieces in their upcoming auctions. You can find out Baer & Bosch’s auction schedule on LiveAuctioneers.

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