Balenciaga Drops $800 Zipper Necklace

Balenciaga Drops $800 Zipper Necklace

If there’s one thing Balenciaga knows how to do spectacularly it is to elevate mundane, everyday things and slap a ridiculous price tag on them. Don’t believe us? Just check out the label’s new zipper necklace.

Priced at $795, the grungey jewelry literally consists of a series of branded zippers – the same “BB” hardware you’d find on a Balenciaga jacket or pair of jeans – linked together. Served up in “Aged Silver Zamak” (that’s the German acronym for zink, magnesium, aluminum, and Kupfer — or copper), the silver chain is meant to be worn in the style of a choker.

Completing the necklace is a Balenciaga-branded clasp that brings the 18.9L x 0.5H x 0.3W-inch piece together.

From $325 grocery bags to $5,750 sneakers, Balenciaga is fashion’s king of ostentation. The only thing that differentiates the Maison’s approach from outright trolling is the fact that it’s low key always fabulous.

So if you’re into the zipper chain vibe and you’ve got (a lot of) cash to spare, head over to Balenciaga’s website cop the piece.



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