Balenciaga Is Outfitting Your First Post-Pandemic Rave

Balenciaga Is Outfitting Your First Post-Pandemic Rave

As soon as this pandemic is over, we’re ready to turn the globe into one massive party, with a little help from Balenciaga.

Demna Gvasalia has designed a glow-in-the-dark capsule that’s ideal for anyone looking to lose their lid the minute clubs reopen. The collection features T-shirts, pool slides, caps, and socks, decked out in glowing logos and rave culture’s most ubiquitous mascot: the smiley.

Naturally, given the history of the smiley (morphing from a corporate grin on kids TV to a symbol of disobedience via ’80s acid house and Forrest Gump) some people won’t be happy with the capsule — namely, the die-hard ravers sick of luxury brands commodifying counter-culture symbols and then slapping on their logos and an astronomical price tag, which is fair enough.

But then again, as Highsnobiety’s Senior Style Editor Graeme Campbell pointed out recently in a post about Bottega Veneta’s $2,500 plastic necklace, “high fashion labels have always made overpriced shit. Deal with it.” So, if you agree and have a stack of cash burning in your pocket, Balenciaga’s GITD capsule is available to cop now.



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