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● The Top Time Limited Edition is Breitling’s first watch offered with a blockchain-based digital passport to prove authenticity and ownership, accessible in one click.
● This new feature smoothly complements the Breitling’s innovative e-warranty program for owners and collectors with the absolute security granted by blockchain technology
● Owners will be able to securely access the digital passport of their watch at any time and transfer the ownership in a simple blockchain transaction.
● Breitling joins the Arianee Consortium and Antonio Carriero, Global CDTO, becomes a Member of the Advisory Committee.


Zurich, 26 March 2020


Breitling makes a major step forward to accelerate blockchain based innovations. The brand elevates client services within the industry through its innovative release of a limited-edition watch, featuring a blockchain-based digital passport powered by Arianee to prove authenticity and ownership.


The new feature offered to Top Time owners will enhance Breitling’s already best-in-class ewarranty program by linking the guarantee directly to the watch and empowering clients to engage with the brand as they wish.


The protocol developed by Arianee gives a digital, inalterable and augmented identity to each product; like any blockchain-based network, it is entirely secured and private. Breitling is therefore the first watchmaker worldwide to propose a warranty program enabled by blockchain. Breitling’s participation within the Arianee Consortium and the strong involvement of Antonio Carriero as a new member of the Advisory Committee underline the engagement of the brand for the development and adoption of this key technology for the industry and for luxury goods owners.


From 26th March 2020, each Top Time owner will benefit from a private and unique digital passport securely linked to his or her limited-edition watch. Scanning the validated e-warranty card allows to download an encrypted private wallet where the passport is securely stored. The passport includes all the details about the watch, including its serial number, and isstamped with an event representing the date of the warranty activation on the purchase date. Only accessible by the owner through the wallet, this passport includes a transfer feature that enables the owner to prove the authenticity of the watch, and his or her legal ownership.


This innovative service will offer an additional layer of value for Breitling Top Time owners by eliminating the need for a physical authenticity certificate. Additionally, it will enable the transfer of the warranty. With such blockchain-based digital passport, collectors no longer need to keep paper records and can engage with the brand as much as they wish, under full anonymity.


Antonio Carriero, Global CDTO of Breitling “At Breitling customer engagement is at the heart of everything we do. Technology empowers customers and digital is how they live. It is on us to change and to keep the pace with the speed society is moving. With Arianee and its blockchain technology we have the unique opportunity to strengthen the link with our customers, providing the highest level of clienteling, and in the same time ensuring their entire privacy. This is only the beginning, but we are already working on innovative ideas on how to further leverage Arianee to bring additional services to our customers.”


Emmanuelle Collet , co-founder, CMO of Arianee: “We are very pleased to welcome Breitling within the Arianee Consortium and honoured by the strong involvement of Antonio Carriero who will make the association benefit from his incredible experience and vision. We are proud to be able to offer an augmented ownership experience to Breitling’s Top Time clients through an enhanced warranty program. This project is a great illustration of how our open source protocol can add a layer of value to existing innovative programs. Our open source protocol is specifically built to make it easy to create and manage digital identities to ultimately add more value to brands and clients.”


About Breitling


Founded in 1884, Breitling has a global reputation for high-precision timepieces, its pioneering role in the development of the wrist chronograph dedicated to authentic adventures in the air, on land or on sea. Breitling’s uncompromising commitment to design excellence, its inclusive luxury and its modern retro aesthetic flair set it apart. Breitling remains dedicated to creating fine watches for women and men of style, purpose, and action.


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About Arianee

Founded in 2017, Arianee is an independent, non-profit consortium whose mission is to build a global standard for the digital certification of valuables. The Arianee protocol makes it possible to associate a unique, unfalsifiable and augmented digital identity with any item of value. This digital “identity card” opens up a new channel for communication between brands, owners and objects that is permanent, secure and anonymous. Based on blockchain technology, the solution implemented by Arianee is open source and decentralized.


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