Canada Has Already Lost the Olympics With This Jacket

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Canada Has Already Lost the Olympics With This Jacket

The internet uttered a collective “Ewww Canada” after seeing the jacket its Olympic team would be wearing for the closing ceremony of the 2021 Tokyo Games. And honestly, fair enough.

“Jean Jackets. I wish I was joking,” wrote one Twitter user. “I am screaming. This is Canada’s closing ceremony fit. Cancel the Olympics,” tweeted another.

The galling “twist” on the Canadian Tuxedo was intended as a tribute to the host city’s vibrant “street art and fashion” and Canada’s infamous affinity for denim. Unfortunately, Hudson Bay — the design team behind the uniforms — didn’t quite get it. According to the designers themselves, “the graffiti graphic and unexpected patch placements capture a youthful and celebratory feel.”  Instead, the chaotic fit has been compared to such fashion “icons” as Zap Rowsdower and Travis from Clueless.

When you place the Canadian team alongside their Ralph Lauren-clad North American competitor, it does, as Courtney Theriault suggests, look like the plot of a bad ’80s film (lol). But given the year we’ve had, Canada’s visually confused and conceptually muddy uniform is arguably a more accurate representation of where we’re all at. Mentally, at least.

It’s not, however, a great omen for the Canadian team. The Guardian‘s Tom Lutz’ notes that the last time they “freestyled” their outfits was at the 1972 Munich Games when they walked out in wide brim hats and polka dots and subsequently failed to win any gold medals at the following two Games.



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