Chet Lo x Charles & Keith, Feng Chen Wang x Nike and more China collabs of the week | Jing Daily

Chet Lo x Charles & Keith, Feng Chen Wang x Nike and more China collabs of the week | Jing Daily

The Spring 2024 fashion month is in full swing, with New York and London having wrapped up, and Milan starting imminently. The showcase in Britain’s capital served up Hong Kong-Irish designer Simone Rocha’s sparkling new Crocs collaboration, dripping in pearls, as well as Chet Lo joining Charles & Keith once more for some footwear.

Another Chinese brand collaboration dominating the press is Fujian province-born, London-based Feng Chen Wang’s performance-first Nike collection. Finally, one of China’s first internationally recognized designers, Uma Wang is continuing her partnership with cashmere brand 1436.

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Feng Chen Wang x Nike

feng chen wang x nike

Queen of collaboration, Feng Chen Wang adds Nike to her growing roster of global co-branded collections. Photo: Nike

Details: Clothing and footwear, September 28
Social context: On Weibo, the official hashtag #NikexFengChenWang has generated 91,000 reads so far.


  • Themes of sustainability and inclusivity link each brands’ ethos, while Feng Chen Wang is able to explore technical sportswear in partnership with a leader in the space.
  • This is not the first collaboration between Feng Chen Wang and Nike, yet the most notable and judging by the Chinese designer’s past partnerships, it could grow into another long-term relationship.
  • Nike has performed well in China so far post-Covid, and local collaborations will bolster the brand’s reputation.

1436 x Uma Wang

Designers are able to benefit from higher quality and refined manufacturing through collaborating with companies that specialize in certain fabrics, such as 1436. Photo: Uma Wang

Uma Wang joins cashmere brand 1436 once more in time for fashion month. Photo: Uma Wang

Details: Cashmere collection, released for pre-sale on September 15
Social context: The collab’s Weibo hashtag (1436xUMA WANG联名系列) currently has 55,000 reads.


  • Owned by Ordos Group, 1436 is a Chinese high-end cashmere brand, which invites new creativity into its oeuvre via this project with Wang.
  • The combination of two local names creates a fashion collection that’s dedicated to national pride, one that’s sure to leverage the appeal of China’s guochao trend.
  • Having worked together for seven years now, 1436 and Uma Wang show the power of investing in long-term partnerships to create valuable luxury for loyal consumers.

Chet Lo x Charles & Keith

chet lo x charles & keith

Chet Lo joins Charles & Keith to create an accessible product for wider consumer-bases. Photo: Chet Lo

Details: Loafers and heels, Spring 2024
Social context: Neither brand has posted about this collaboration yet on social media.


  • Joining forces for a second time, Chet Lo and Charles & Keith benefit from each other’s respective fan bases.
  • Financially, this collaboration makes sense for an independent designer like Chet Lo who would benefit from mainstream exposure and higher levels of inventory at more accessible price points.
  • For Charles & Keith, the partnership boosts the brand’s reputation as style-led as Chet Lo is a cult label among fashion-forward Gen Zers.



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