Church's Shoes: 10 Investment Footwear Choices for 2021

Church's Shoes: 10 Investment Footwear Choices for 2021

OK, disclaimer: I might be a little bias on this one. Hailing from my hometown of Northampton, a place famous for its footwear (and little else, to be honest), Church’s has been hand-making its supremely-crafted shoes since 1873. Though the brand’s history can be traced way back to 1617 when shoemaker Anthony Church was putting hammer to nail in the town.

And for as long as I can remember, I wanted a pair. Spanning classic British silhouettes, from Derbys to Chelsea Boots, Church’s shoes are timeless in looks and in the fact they’re built to last a lifetime. Even longer, actually.

Don’t just take my word for it, though. In the ’90s, Prada recognized Church’s unrivaled mastery in producing shoes that will accompany their owner for as long as they live, and acquired the British brand. That’s surely enough evidence you need for knowing that these shoes mean business.

Prada’s involvement introduced seasonal styles to the brand while staying true to its classics and, of course, the expert craftsmanship and resulting durability. In honor of these ultimate investment shoes, we’ve picked out 10 options that are available at Church’s right now. Including both the classics and more modern silhouettes, these are the shoes that’ll be there for any occasion you might find yourself in come post-lockdown and years into the future. In the unlikely event that your pair one day needs a refresh, Church’s still offers its famous repair service, too.

Scroll and invest wisely in a pair of Church’s shoes.

Mc Pherson Derby

Though it’s the king of classics, Church’s doesn’t rest on its laurels. While this round-toe Derby stays true to an enduring silhouette, a modern reworking adds extra durability and a more casual function via the rugged sole.

Willenhall Loafer

Loafers have had a return to form when it comes to popularity over the past few years, and with the silhouette fitting nicely for that space between the home and outside world we all occupy right now, they’re going nowhere. Church’s craftsmen add hand stitching, artisanal heel details, and a durable sole to the classic Penny.

Arran 03 Slipper

We’ll indulge our current obsession with WFH footwear with a pair of slippers that we all deserve right now and forever. Crafted with the same attention to detail as any pair of Church’s shoes that leave its factory, the Arran packs a quilted insole for a crazy level of comfort.

Pembrey Loafer

Another Church’s take on the classic Penny loafer, the Pembrey is built from the highest quality calf leather around. Its effortless appearance and slip-on comfort make it ideal for that holiday in Italy you should be planning for 2022.

Wick Fur Boot

While Church’s shoes have been around for decades, its boots selection is one of the newer steps taken by the British heritage brand. There’s a definite Prada paratrooper influence on quite a few of them, including the Wick Fur boot, which has a sheepskin lining for keeping your toes toasty in winter.

Boland Sneaker

When talking investment footwear, you’d be forgiven for only thinking about shoes. But Church’s sneakers are also held to its same, ridiculously high standards and we had to include a pair. Making use of fine leather and breathable canvas, these all-black sneakers do style and substance.

Westbury 173 Monk Strap

You guessed it. The origins of the Monk Strap shoe can be traced all the way back to the footwear of actual monks — in the Middle Ages (really!). Now if that’s not timeless, we don’t know what is, and the fact that this Church’s Westbury could still be relevant in another 1,000 years means that it’s an investment in more ways than one.

Diplomat 173 Oxford Brogue

The Diplomat is a relatively newer member of the Church’s lineup, having joined the family in 1945. It got its name from the ambassadors and politicians that famously wore the model during international business and blends the iconic Oxford shape with the Brogue’s distinctive detailing.

Chicago Monk Strap

Another member of the Monk Strap gang, this time with a touch of American influence, the Chicago is a statement shoe for the more formal occasion. You know, when they finally happen again.

Cornwood Chelsea Boot

When shopping for footwear that is truly investment-worthy, I look for the simple but effective pieces that you know will stand the test of time. Church’s modern take on the Chelsea boot lives up to those expectations, with its Goodyear construction meaning it’ll take all kinds of weather and remain in your rotation for years to come.

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