Cindy Chao's Endless Realm Exhibition In Shanghai Showcases The Jeweller's Artistic Creations

Cindy Chao's Endless Realm Exhibition In Shanghai Showcases The Jeweller's Artistic Creations

cindy chao endless realm exhibition shanghai
Cindy Chao at her exhibition in Shanghai (Photo: Courtesy of Cindy Chao)

By Jianne Soriano

By Jianne Soriano

June 29, 2021

The Endless Realm: Cindy Chao Art Jewellery Master exhibition held from June 19–27 in Shanghai is the brand’s first exhibition in the world

Cindy Chao’s first-ever brand exhibition in Shanghai from June 19–27, The Endless Realm: Cindy Chao Art Jewellery Master marked its further expansion into the city. It showed the story of the contemporary Asian high jeweller and the brand’s philosophy and artistic essence since its establishment in 2004. The house is a fusion between the East and West, between art and jewels and those who dare to be different.

For the exhibition, Chao collaborated with well-known international Dutch exhibition artist, Tom Postma for the third time. The two artists—who are united by their architectural converge as masters of space—presented the universe of creation as the masterminds behind the exhibition.

The experience and story flowed through the three stories of the Shanghai Bund Fosun Art Centre. Chao and Postma explored the connection between macro-architecture and art through an articulation of space, messages and experiences in an “endless realm” of continuous exploration.

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The first floor, Inspiration Initiation, was a space surrounded by layers of the original design sketches. Nature—which long been at the centre of Eastern philosophy—is Chao’s favourite muse and inspiration for this section. Chao and Postma created a contemporary jewellery landscape that tells the story of the initiation of inspiration.

Chao’s traditional high jewellery gouache sketches were projected in a wall art installation. Layers of canvas, backlit by LED further created an immersive experience as the contrasting lights and shadows allowed viewers to glimpse into the world of colour and images that flashed through the artists’ mind.

Over at The Land of Art, the infinity of time and space merged into a three-dimensional artistic installation and sensorial experience. It was the fountain of inspiration for the artist and the heart of the art jewel creations. With this vision in mind, Postma’s team transformed the second floor into Chao’s creative universe. The space became fully darkened, limiting the ability to see clearly—the floors, walls and the structures were lined entirely with black molten fabric to create the unfathomable sensation of being lost in space.

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In my heart, there is only my art. There are no limits, no boundaries to my quest for perfection,
Innovation, pushing the extreme, nothing can compromise my mission

Cindy Chao



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