Daily Paper “From Africa to the World” Release Date, Price, Info

Daily Paper “From Africa to the World” Release Date, Price, Info

A love letter to African culture, Daily Paper launches “From Africa to the World,” the next step in its commitment to building a global community with Africa at its heart.

At the core of Daily Paper is three friends from Amsterdam, friends that decided to embark on a journey to explore the mutual African roots they share. From the brand’s inception and blog days in 2008 to its first collection of five t-shirts in 2012 and the opening of the London flagship store in 2021, Daily Paper’s growth through a labor of love has never let go of the explorative spirit that birthed it.

The unification of a global community through an artistic exploration of the African diaspora feels deeply resonant within the latest collections under the brand.

“From Africa to the World” traces the inspirational stories of the students of the African diaspora, creating a collection reminiscent of classic back-to-school colligate styles. Throughout the product lineup is a recurring graphic – a visual embodiment of the brand’s global community – that envisions a world without constructed borders and reemphasizes DP’s founding mission.

Daily Paper’s framing of Afro-Caribbean cultures has served as a connective tissue of sorts, bridging communities and cultures. As a symbol of heritage, it has found itself in nations the world over, and its landing in Jamaica sprouted a collaborative collection with Popcaan’s Unruly Entertainment.

Operating under the motto “Entertainment is Art,” Unruly brings a vision for world-renowned creativity with Drake co-signed Popcaan at the helm. The frontman brings with him an exclusive music video that delves into a culture shared by so many within the Daily Paper community.



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