Designer Socks: 10 of the Best Pairs to Wear in Fall 2021

Designer Socks: 10 of the Best Pairs to Wear in Fall 2021

It’s long been said that the arrival of fall marks the return of “real dressing.” That doesn’t mean dressing well comes easy in the colder months, though. The Highsnobiety Fall Fit Toolkit is here to help you through the transition to (literally) bigger and better clothing.

The power of a fine sock should never be underestimated. As a category that’s so often an afterthought rather than an investment, clout socks are top of my list when it comes to a wardrobe refresh this fall. Why? Well, one — because there’s an unexplainable feeling of elation when putting on a luxe pair. If you know, you know. And two — designer socks are far less prone to toe-exposing tears (gross). In the long run, it’s smart shopping.

With high fashion for the feet on the agenda, we rounded up some of our favorite designer socks on the internet right now, from the Swedish drawers of Acne Studios all the way to New York via Thom Browne.

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Acne Studios Logo Socks

Choosing your fighter or go-to pair of clout socks usually involves settling on a bold show of logomania. These are unmistakably Acne Studios and a good way to round off an otherwise minimal fit.

Jacquemus Les Chaussette Socks

Jacquemus has become a favorite the world round for his execution of fun but wholly functional wares. Jacquemus socks recently arrived in colors that are perfect for fall and this olive tone pair is my favorite. Another choice that you’ll wear forever.

Thom Browne x Highsnobiety Calf Socks

Not all clout socks are born equal. Showing off the label’s individuality once again, these Thom Browne socks are for those that are bold enough to take things calf-high with their pair.

Marni Jacquard Socks

The beauty of socks is that you can go all out in terms of design and color if you’re not that way inclined with the rest of your wardrobe. If you’re going down that route, Marni usually provides.

Cordura Life Long Socks

Fresh from Japan, this pair was born out of a disdain for the throwaway culture that surrounds socks. Knitted with Invista’s highly durable material, Cordura — which is seven times as strong as ordinary yarn — the brand says you’ll wear these for life without another tear or hole.

S.R. Studio. LA. CA. Short Sock

Brown and green is the ultimate color combo IMO. And if you need another reason to cop, this is almost certainly the cheapest thing you’ll ever get your hands on from the studio of Sterling Ruby.

Gucci GG Intarsia Socks

There are designer socks, and then there are DESIGNER socks. This is an in-your-face announcement that “I spent more than $100 on my socks.”

Collina Strada Check Socks

Hand dyeing is still on the rise and it’s spreading to your socks courtesy of New York-based label Collina Strada.

Kapital Smiley Socks

As a rule, we’re usually only bearing the bottom of our socks when we’re at our most comfortable. The graphic here is fitting, then.

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