Distinguished Race Car Clock

Distinguished Race Car Clock

Tiffany & Co. is of course known for its stunning, luxurious jewellery pieces. Still, the global design house’s exquisite craftsmanship isn’t just reserved for rings and necklaces, but also through its less-known and appreciated watches, homeware, accessories, and more. The Time for Speed race car clock is a perfect example of this.

The shape of the Time for Speed race car clock is inspired by GP cars of the 1950s, with aluminium body panels painted in signature Tiffany Blue. The spokes and rims are stainless steel, and the race car is completed with hard-wearing rubber tyres. The car’s left side, where the race number is usually located, is now used to display the hours and minutes, and the right side is reserved for the engraving plate with the brand’s logo. The race number “5”, a representation of Tiffany & Co. flagship store address on Fifth Avenue, is shown at the front.

The clock’s escapement and balance wheel are located at the back of the car, and can be observed through the helmet-shaped glass dome over the driver’s seat. Keeping the clock accurate is equally fun, as the time is set by rotating the three-spoke steering wheel counterclockwise, while pulling the car back on a flat surface is the only way to wind the movement.

The limited-edition race car clock shown here is adorned with hand-set round brilliant diamonds weighing 19.53 carats in total. The centre of each wheel is set with a single diamond, while multiple rows of pavé diamonds can be found on the clock’s bezel and engraving plate. A standard version of this clock is also available, sharing an identical design and mechanics but without the diamonds.



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