From Concept To Production

From Concept To Production

Citroën first introduced its distinctive My Ami Buggy concept car back in December of last year. The all-electric micro car is designed for adventure, offering ample storage space for weekend trips and beyond. Because the concept has been so well received by the public, Citroën is turning it into an ultra-limited edition for production.

The overall aesthetics of the My Ami Buggy special edition are pretty similar to the concept, with a tinted Khaki body that blends into its natural surroundings. Elements from My Ami Pop and Vibe versions — including the front and rear bumpers, wheel arches, rear spoiler and more — can be found on the production buggy to give it a more muscular look.

While one of the main selling points of the concept was the absence of doors, hinged metal tubes have been added to the production version for safety’s sake. The roof has also been changed, now featuring waterproof and UV-treated protective fabric that can be rolled for that completely open feel. 14-inch perforated gold wheels with dedicated black decorative caps just complete the overall outdoor-ish look.

The bright yellow colour scheme continues into the interior and can be found on functional accessories such as the dashboard storage, bag hook, and opening straps. The black seats are also highlighted with yellow stitching. On the right-hand side of the dashboard is a numbered  “My Ami Buggy ULTRA SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION” plate, making each example one of its kind.

Available only in France and limited to just 50 numbered examples, My Ami Buggy is probably one of the most affordable special edition vehicles at €9,790. Needless to say, the special edition sold out the first day it went on sale.



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