Go Vertical

Go Vertical

Vertical record players have been on the market for quite a few years now, but the truth is that most lean more towards the novelty factor, and may not offer the kind of audio quality that proper audiophiles need. Miniot is a small family business from Schagen in the Netherlands that is dedicated to building turntables by hand. The company has so far created several versions of the vertical turntable, with the latest ‘Black Wheel’ being the most premium.

The Black Wheel is completely hand-built using brushed metal and high-grade black materials. The audiophile turntable works fine either being hung on a wall, supported by the stand provided, or lying flat on a surface. Sleek appearance aside, what’s so special about this particular edition is that at the heart of the record player is the Audio-Technica Nude Shibata cartridge, which ensures the built-in preamp offers a precisely controlled signal.

While the record player celebrates analog sound, it does have a few modern elements to improve its functionality, including a graphic line display and the slide track that controls track selection, volume, and more. It is pretty smart, too, and can detect the record size and opt for the appropriate rpm. It can also easily be used with either an amplifier, headphones, or a wireless setup.

Only 5 to 10 Black Wheel turntables can be built by Miniot each month, so this isn’t something you’re going to see in the local electronics store — check out the website for more information.



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