Gucci And Balenciaga Team Up For New Aria Collection

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Gucci And Balenciaga Team Up For New Aria Collection

The rumours were true: Gucci and Balenciaga have joined forces to release a collection.

We’ve seen streetwear giants collaborate with high fashion labels, but who would have thought that we’d see a day where two of the trendiest and biggest luxury fashion houses, both owned by Kering, would come together for a special project?

Gucci debuted its highly anticipated Aria collection last night, where it was revealed that the creative geniuses Alessandro Michele, creative director of Gucci, and Balenciaga’s Denma Gvsalia had put their minds together to unveil a stunning collaboration. It also marks Gucci’s 100th anniversary.

The runway show opened with a male model walking into the “Savoy Club”, in a nod to the London hotel where Guccio Gucci used to work at, dressed in a red suit. As the show went on, models walked down a long runway lined with flashing cameras.

So when exactly did Gucci meet Balenciaga on the runway exactly? It appeared to be a blink-and-you-may-miss-it moment, but it happened by around look three apparently. 

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And then it became absolutely clear. Gvasalia’s touch was unmistakable and the Gucci branding was seen on models in Balenciaga silhouettes, on bags, shoes and more. But don’t call it a collaboration. Or a capsule collection. Creative director Michele wants it to be regarded as a “hacking” of Gvasalia’s Balenciaga designs. 

But it was the combination of the logos on some of the ready-to-wear pieces that made members of the audience sit up. The reality of two luxury brands coming together for a collection in 2021 is both exciting and surreal.

Plus, the collection was a celebration of the equestrian world of Gucci mixed with old Hollywood’s glamour with a whole lot of sexiness. 

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