Hermes Releases Elegant Apple Watch Series 7 Straps

Hermes Releases Elegant Apple Watch Series 7 Straps

Apple is releasing a series of elegant Hermes straps for its new Apple Watch Series 7, the tech giant announced at its Keynote event on Tuesday.

Alongside updates to its latest Watch installment, including vibrant color updates across models, Apple is releasing two new styles in partnership with Hermes. Circuit H, a play on the luxury brand’s anchor chain design, is available in Swift leather in brown and blue, wine and blue, and black and blue colorways.

The second offering, the Gourmette Double Tour, calls back to the House’s 1930s collars with a slim band and woven links in supple Fauve Barénia brown leather. The band wraps twice around the wrist and reflects the brand’s popular chain motif.

Alongside a wide selection of Apple-branded bands, Nike has also released an updated take on the Sport Loop, featuring the Nike logo incorporated into the weave of the band available in three colors.

All Apple Watch Series 7 models and the Apple Watch Hermès Series 7 and new Apple Watch Hermès bands will be available later this fall.

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