Hong Kong Artist Gareth T On His First Headlining Concert and Coping With Fame

Hong Kong Artist Gareth T On His First Headlining Concert and Coping With Fame

What are the benefits and drawbacks of success in Hong Kong?

The city is so small that it’s not too hard to see the ceiling. Once you see the ceiling, I feel like a lot of people [get] complacent, [but I want to know] what’s beyond the ceiling. The ceiling is tall, but I need something higher to get to.

There’s so much I feel I haven’t touched on, and I could expand outside Hong Kong, using English as my main language. But the truth is, you can’t make it in Hong Kong without understanding [Cantonese] and making Cantonese songs. Yes, it’s a small demographic, but if you can’t cover it, you don’t get the whole market.

How do you feel about your upcoming concert?

I won’t be nervous until the day prior. I feel like dress rehearsal will still be fine, but it’ll really be the moment when I step on stage for that very first song, where I’ll think, “Damn, we got everything set up, now it’s time to do a good show.”

I feel like that’s the moment when I’m going to be the most scared. I’ll be going through a range of emotions during those three days.


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