How To Collaborate With Brands In China? Join Us For A Webinar | Jing Daily

How To Collaborate With Brands In China? Join Us For A Webinar | Jing Daily

It takes one quick scroll through Instagram or Weibo to realize that the industry of brand collaboration is booming. And with China on track to be the world’s largest luxury market by 2025, it’s one of the most lucrative and exciting countries to launch co-branded product lines.

To break down this hot topic, Jing Collabs & Drops is hosting a live webinar on October 25 at 10 a.m. EST, elaborating on our latest market research paper Big in China: Brand Collaboration. In discussion with Chinese designers and market analysis experts, we will be exploring the best strategies for 2022, as well as what not to do as a foreign brand.

The conversation will be moderated by Jing Collabs & Drops editor Sadie Bargeron, who will outline today’s brand collaboration trends in China: from the use of nostalgic IPs, to independent designer x major brand crossovers, to the ever-evolving movement of luxury streetwear that is winning over China’s Gen Z.

We are excited to be joined by cross-disciplinary artist Scarlett Yang, who has worked on projects with ShowStudio, Rolls-Royce, the V&A Museum, and Paco Rabanne. We will also hear from one of China’s most disruptively stylish designers of the minute, Yueqi Qi, who has collaborated on GucciFest and the Gucci Vault.

Alongside these Chinese fashion innovators, the webinar will also feature esteemed brand experts Keith Wong of APPortfolio and Wai Social’s Olivia Plotnick. 

Key topics will include:

  • Top brand collaboration trends in the mainland
  • How Western brands should approach independent designers in China
  • Risks of Chinese brand collaboration 
  • The future of brand collaboration in China — what do consumers want?

As the Big in China: Brand Collaboration report found, brand crossovers are an effective way of tapping into local subcultures and helping Western brands resonate better with Chinese consumers. 

In 2022, limitations are non-existent. The high-low boundary has been broken, and it’s an era of experimentation. Therefore, now’s the ultimate time to dissect the best strategies for brand collaboration in China.

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