How to Wear a Suit, According to Ryan Gosling

How to Wear a Suit, According to Ryan Gosling

The menswear wardrobe may have relaxed to make room for tracksuits, baggy T-shirts and shorts, but Ryan Gosling still sees the merit of wearing a good old-fashioned suit—and doing it well.

The Hollywood actor is currently promoting his new film, The Gray Man, and the red carpet is all the better for it thanks to his excellent taste in tailoring, which he has demonstrated over the last decade. His streak of stylish suits, which elevated him to a rare, god-like status among straight men, continues in 2022, but this time with a dose of daring that we could attribute to the “Kenergy” that his role in the upcoming Barbie film may have rubbed off on him.

Nonetheless, the star knows how to suit up, and unless you’re absolutely sure you won’t ever attend a wedding, a gala dinner or any sort of formal occasion, you should too. Below, discover Gosling’s guide to looking dapper.

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