HUBLOT Partners with Brand Ambassador Lang Lang to Play ‘Note of Fusion’

HUBLOT Partners with Brand Ambassador Lang Lang to Play ‘Note of Fusion’

‘Hublot Loves Art’ Exhibition Dazzles First Edition of JINGART


On May 17, 2018, the famous Swiss watch manufacturer, HUBLOT, partnered with the first edition of JINGART to present the “Hublot Loves Art” exhibition at Beijing Quanyechang, with artists and creative professionals from different regions gathering for the art gala. Lang Lang, HUBLOT’s brand ambassador, attended the fair on the opening day as a distinguished guest. He conveyed his passion via notes and performed ‘art’ movements that resonated powerfully with participants. The ‘music of the spheres’ resounded through Beijing Quanyechang.



“Music, art and time are all invisible, but can be felt. We have different views on the same music and art pieces, just as we choose different ways to live a better life while living in the same era. Both HUBLOT and I persevere in the pursuit of distinctiveness and innovation. I appreciate HUBLOT’s consuming passion for art and this represents a spirit that shows great respect for art,”
——Lang Lang, a pianist and HUBLOT brand ambassador.


JINGART, organized by the team of the ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, covers exquisite art works of Eastern and Western cultures and focuses on contemporary art and design. Beijing Quanyechang has specially been chosen as the venue for the art fair. With a 100-year history, this building was inaugurated when Western influences spread to the East and has been rebuilt by multiple Chinese and Western architecture masters, blending tradition and innovation and spreading Eastern and Western cultures. This kind of “fusion” has also become HUBLOT’s nature, enabling the “Art of Fusion” to be fully exemplified.



HUBLOT has started its journey in the area of contemporary art. Since 2016, HUBLOT has been an official partner of the ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair and has been a supporter to the AAC (Award of Art China) for three consecutive years. The “Hublot Loves Art” exhibition has grown across art hub cities around the globe, from Miami and New York to Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Chengdu. Meanwhile, HUBLOT has long focused on seeking cross-industry partnerships with artists worldwide from different backgrounds and different genres. Chinese contemporary artist Xu Zhen has created a great public artwork, the “Eternity – Hourglass of Time,” artistically reconstructing the collision between Eastern and Western civilization and becoming the first crossover partnership between HUBLOT and a Chinese contemporary artist. HUBLOT subsequently partnered with Chinese contemporary art master Yue Minjun to create the Classic Fusion Monkey Watch, which represents an expression of classic art and watchmaking process.


Through the partnership with JINGART, the “Hublot Loves Art” exhibition presents many masterpieces, demonstrating “The Art of Fusion” while elaborating on the idea of innovative cross-industry art through the display of exquisite art works and sophisticated timepieces. Among them, the most striking is the “Wild Kong” by Richard Orlinski, a renowned French sculptor and HUBLOT’s brand ambassador. The sculpture shows a beast of prey pounding his chest with his fists and opening its mouth showing menacing fangs and proclaiming himself invincible. Beasts of prey under Orlinski’s art concept usually represent boldness, exemplifying the feeling of awe for primitive barbarism. In addition, the exhibition presents a musical score that reveals top pianist Lang Lang’s understanding of music, the installation art piece by Swiss tattoo artist Maxime Büchi, and the painting by contemporary Chinese artist Yue Minjun. Watches inspired by these artistic ideas are also on display.