IWC and AMG team up for a watch that links motoring with aviation. And it's good!

IWC and AMG team up for a watch that links motoring with aviation. And it's good!

That’s not so much a reflection on the character of the brand as on its geography – IWC is based in Schaffhausen, a small town in northern Switzerland that sits right on the German border. To get to Schaffhausen from Zurich, you have to drive through a fingernail of Germany first.

As noticeable as the near adult age of the brand pairing is that the latest release bringing the two together isn’t an Ingenieur, but a Pilot’s Watch. That may feel a less likely palette on which to mix the timekeeping and automotive marques, but there’s no reason why that should prove off-putting to fans of the collaboration. If anything, the switch lends the relationship between the two a welcome freshness.

Landing today, then, is the IWC Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Edition “AMG”, a 43mm piece that becomes the first of the brand’s Pilot Watch models to feature a Grade 5 titanium case (those first Ingenieur AMGs were all titanium). As techy is the dial, which is made of carbon fibre, a lightweight, rigid material that makes a far greater contribution to the watch’s aesthetic than to its performance.

Another product of the last two decades is the IWC-manufactured Calibre 69385 automatic chronograph, which has a 46-hour power reserve and appears in one of IWC’s 43mm chronographs for the first time. The watch’s counters at six, nine and 12 are silvered and jump out of the dial like binnacled dashboard instruments.

The greyscale created by combining a matte titanium case with a carbon-fibre dial is inspired by AMG‘s signature Selenite Grey Magno paint finish and gives the watch its uncompromising pose. Finishing it all off are a smokey sapphire crystal case back, carrying the Mercedes-AMG logo, and a black embossed calf-leather strap with contrast stitching.

It’s not limited and buyers will want to know that if they register the watch with IWC, they’ll get a warranty extension from two to six years. No doubt the partnership will still be going when that runs out. Ye gods! I’ll be almost 50 by then.


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