Introducing Letras Ausentes: A New Portuguese Publishing House

Letras Ausentes

Introducing Letras Ausentes: A New Portuguese Publishing House

Letras Ausentes is a new publishing house based in Portugal that celebrates women’s leadership and creativity. Founded and owned by women, it aims to provide a platform for emerging authors and poets who want to share their stories and perspectives with the world. This initiative will contribute to the diversity and richness of Portuguese literature and inspire readers across generations. In this article, we will explore how female-owned businesses can empower women, how independent publishers can shape the literary landscape, and how Letras Ausentes can make a difference in the world of literature.

The Power of Female-Owned Businesses

Women-owned businesses have been significantly impacting various industries, and the publishing industry is no exception. The power of female-owned businesses is evident in the fact that they create job opportunities, support the local economy, and bring a fresh perspective to the field.

The publishing industry benefits from the presence and leadership of female-owned businesses that provide a venue for diverse voices and stories. These businesses foster gender equality in literature and help to create a more inclusive literary landscape that reflects the realities and aspirations of different groups of people. Letras Ausentes is a Portuguese publishing house that exemplifies this vision by celebrating women’s creativity and supporting emerging authors and poets.


Letras Ausentes

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The Impact of Independent Publishers on the Literary Landscape

Independent publishers have become a vital part of the literary landscape. These publishers offer an alternative to the traditional publishing route, which can be challenging for new and upcoming authors. Independent publishers give new writers a venue to showcase their work, in addition to being more flexible with their publishing options. They also work closely with authors and provide professional services such as editing, design, and marketing.

Independent publishers, such as Letras Ausentes, also enrich the diversity of literature. They are more likely to publish books that may not be deemed “commercially viable” by traditional publishers. This results in a broader range of voices being heard, and more diverse stories being told.


Letras Ausentes | Portuguese publishing house

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Giving a Voice to Portuguese Literature

Portuguese literature has a rich history and heritage, but it has not always received the recognition it deserves. Letras Ausentes will help change this by highlighting the weather and variety of poetry, historical writing, and epic narratives that characterize Portuguese literature.

By giving a voice to Portuguese literature, the publishing house will contribute to the preservation and promotion of the Portuguese language and culture. This is particularly important in a world where we need to celebrate diversity and cultural heritage. Letras Ausentes will showcase the distinct individuality and expression of Portuguese literature, as well as its exposure to many different linguistic and national influences.


Q: What genres will Letras Ausentes focus on?
A: The publishing house will focus on fiction, poetry, and non-fiction.


Q: Will Letras Ausentes accept submissions from outside of Portugal?
A: Yes, the publishing house will accept submissions from authors and poets from around the world.


Q: What languages will the publishing house publish in?
A: The publishing house will primarily publish in Portuguese, but it will also consider publishing works in other languages.


In conclusion, Letras Ausentes, a new publisher in Portugal, is an exciting initiative that will contribute to the world of literature. By paving the way for new emerging writers and promoting Portuguese literature, the publishing house will support the diversity and cultural heritage of literature. The power of female-owned businesses and the impact of independent publishers on the literary landscape cannot be overstated.

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