Liam Gallagher's Sons Front Tessuti's Stand Out Series

Liam Gallagher's Sons Front Tessuti's Stand Out Series

Where British fashion and music history are concerned, it’s near impossible to overlook Paul Smith, Oasis, and by default, Liam Gallagher – for the latest installment of the Stand Out Stories, Tessuti brings both together for a new generation with Liam’s sons, Gene and Lennon. 

Tessuti’s Stand Out Stories continues to recognize the cross-cultural connections of UK music and style, bridging the two to showcase a curated brand selection. 

Recently, Novelist took to the front in a continuation of his relationship with the Pharrell-founded Billionaire Boys Club, shedding light on his growth as an artist and his Lewisham roots for a seasonal apparel showcase. 

Where Grime took precedence for BBC, Rock is the genre of choice to shed light on heritage designer Paul Smith’s Autumn/Winter selects. 

As a Brit, Rock fan or not, it’s impossible not to know Oasis – we’ve all been there, the secondary school music lessons learning “Wonderwall.” Beyond the music, the band’s frontman, Liam Gallagher, is certainly one of our more infamous musicians, one almost as controversially vocal as Ye

For the latest showcase, his sons, Gene and Lennon sport a selection of Paul Smith staples, including a range of shirting and graphic tees. Similar to Novelist’s feature, the pair appear on video to discuss their influences growing up, with Lennon going into detail regarding his modeling and music career.

All of the latest seasonal products from Paul Smith are available to shop online via the store’s virtual storefront, and Tessuti.

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