Mobile Music Creation Station – Blackbird Automotive Journal

Mobile Music Creation Station – Blackbird Automotive Journal

Introducing SEQTRAK, Yamaha’s latest music creation station designed to empower musicians to unlock their creativity anytime, anywhere. This all-in-one system seamlessly integrates drums, synths, sound design, and sequencing into a compact, lightweight design that easily fits into a laptop bag, providing creators the freedom to produce music on the go.

Featuring a sleek 3-part user interface (drums, sound & sampler, and sound design & effects), SEQTRAK ensures a swift workflow with real-time controls, facilitating a smooth and intuitive creative process. Equipped with a built-in speaker and microphone, its onboard sampling function effortlessly captures and customizes unique sounds in high-quality format. Additionally, the extensive library boasts over 2,000 professionally crafted presets, spanning from pianos to drums.

Transforming ideas into original music is a breeze with two versatile sound engines: AWM2 for authentic sounds with 128-note polyphony, specializing in instruments like pianos, strings, and guitars, and a four-operator FM engine for synth pads. The advanced sequencer and sound editing capabilities are easily accessible through the SEQTRAK app, offering musicians an intuitive composition experience and precise sound shaping. Powerful performance features include on-the-fly arrangement, real-time track control, and global effects, complemented by the Visualiser mode in the dedicated app, adding an augmented reality dimension to music through captivating visuals.

Connectivity is a breeze with Bluetooth MIDI, Wi-Fi for wireless sample transfer, MIDI In/Out, USB-C, and AUX In, allowing seamless integration with other devices to fully express musicians’ artistic visions. SEQTRAK’s appearance is also a testament to individual style, available in two distinctive colourways: black/dark grey and orange/light grey.



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