MUSIUM DIV. Wants Your Wardrobe to Look Like Art

MUSIUM DIV. Wants Your Wardrobe to Look Like Art

For a brand that describes itself as a confluence of Rock ‘n Roll aesthetics and neo-punk influences, MUSIUM DIV.’s latest Spring Summer 21 collection is a welcome touch of softness. The clothes are set in a palette of pale earth tones and made with a special washing technique to give them a slightly worn effect.

The drop arrives with two mini collections each with its own sources of inspiration: the Museum and Post-Apocalyptic Military. The first theme situates itself amongst the world of art. The pieces use silk screen printing to display graphic visualizations of art and graffiti art across the clothes. Expect button-up shirts with art pieces printed all over them and the use of splash-ink prints as a motif as well. The second theme, as the name implies, takes as its main point of reference the military. Here, you can expect to see more structured fits, oversize cuts, and enlarged pockets but with a more modern feel. Many of the fabrics are given special treatments—garment-dyed, tie-dyed, dip-dyed, and stonewashed—for that nice distressed feel.

Regardless of theme, MUSIUM DIV. delivers the goods when it comes to this summer’s wares. Each piece, it seems, feels right at home in a museum.

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