New Immersive Experience

New Immersive Experience

Sony has given us the very first look at its upcoming VR headset design for the PlayStation ecosystem. Simply titled the PlayStation ‘VR2’, the company says it will take VR gaming to a whole new level, with a far greater level of immersion for users.

Shown here with the new PlayStation VR2 Sense controller, both the headset and the controller have a circular orb shape that symbolises the 360-degree views and immersive experiences that players experience while using these peripherals. Their look and feel also fit well with the PS5 console itself.

Extensive studies and testing were conducted on the ergonomics of the headset to ensure maximum comfort on users of various head sizes and shapes. Like the first-generation PS VR headset, the VR2 features an adjustable headband and scope, as well as a similar placement of stereo headphone jack, while new elements such as a lens adjustment dial and fresh anti-fog vent design greatly improve usability.

The VR2 will offer stunning visual fidelity in 4K HDR with a 110-degree field of view thanks to a pair of 2000×2,040 OLED displays. There are four cameras for headset and controller tracking, an IR camera per eye for eye-tracking, and a six-axis motion sensing system, so all the movements are directly reflected in-game. Even though the headset is equipped with a built-in motor that delivers feedback through vibrations, it’s still lighter than its predecessor. Combined with the 3D Audio and the controller, the sensations of in-game actions are amplified to a whole new level.

So far there is no confirmed date for PS VR 2’s release so we will just have to wait for next official update.



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