Oris's Big Crown x Cervo Volante is sustainable, but still looks sexy

Oris's Big Crown x Cervo Volante is sustainable, but still looks sexy

The default position when considering the “goodness” of big business, in luxury watchmaking as anywhere else, has always been cynicism. A brand with a cuddly PR story is not to be trusted: for every polar bear they’re saving, they’re killing two, and all that. Greedy, heartless b******s.

But I don’t know. Is that still the case? I say this with acute nervousness and very conscious of appearing naive, but I think something’s changing.

Charges of greenwashing across some sectors – take a bow, automotive – and the fluent and frequently damaging social media broadsides that follow them, have given brands recourse to think twice: practise what you preach, because if you don’t and you get caught, your reputation will be left in tatters.

It’s hardly conclusive, I know, but I’ve lost count of the number of watch brand bosses who’ve said to be me that only a fool would try and pull the wool over a consumer’s eyes these days. The risks are so much bigger now. 

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Does that settle it? Not at all, no, but it does seem reasonable to say that social media, combined with a newly catalysed consumer climate morality, is helping keep brands in check. The narrative has shifted. Changes are coming. And fast.

Into this picture as the year begins comes Oris and its Big Crown X Cervo Volante collection, introduced today and created in partnership with the young Swiss high-end footwear and accessories brand Cervo Volante. 

Each of the new trio is based on Oris’s somehow contemporised Big Crown pilot’s watch, and has a dial colour said to be inspired by hues found in the Swiss Alps. All three, in this reviewer’s mind at least, have a pleasing misty new-year freshness to them, like a skinny dip in an Alpine lake. 

The story, though, is not in the dials, but in the straps, which, says Oris, are made of sustainable Swiss deer leather. Available in dark brown, oak brown and cognac, these certainly look nice on my screen – but for Omicron, I would currently be in Switzerland with Oris viewing these things in person. 



Source Credit: This article originally appeared on GQ Magazine by Robin Swithinbank. Read the original article - https://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/watches/article/oris-big-crown-cervo-volante