Our Longchamp x Abc. Bag Promises To Answer Your Problems

Our Longchamp x Abc. Bag Promises To Answer Your Problems

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Some of us with a superstitious side can point to a pair of lucky sneakers or a garment that they reserve for big occasions as if it possesses fortuitous properties, but our collaborative bag with French heritage label Longchamp and Advisory Board Crystals takes that sentiment to another level.

The cult-favorite Los Angeles label (which is otherwise known as Abc.) has a well-documented interest in new-age remedies. It was founded through a fascination with healing crystals, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that its new bag promises to possess healing powers. Printed along the side of the bag is the sentence “hold a problem in your mind, open this bag at any time and there will be your answer.” While we are unable to promise that a magic genie will come flying out, we are certainly intrigued at how this magical power will manifest itself.

The rest of the bag finds Longchamp’s horse print emblazoned across its body in black against the white recycled polyester canvas body. Green Abc. motifs are then printed boldly across the front and back of the design, layered beneath Longchamp branding and the Advisory Board Crystals Institute of Art and Science crest.

These magical properties and range of graphic offerings find themselves on the iconic “Le Pliage”. First launched in 1993, and designed by Longchamp’s CEO Philippe Cassegrain, it has become the label’s signature bag design and remains popular to this day. Folding into a shape that evokes the image of an envelope, the bag could usually be described as a subtle and simple design but Abc. has transformed it into a statement piece. This follows in the shoes of previous collaborators such as Jeremy Scott, Sarah Morris, and Tracy Emin, who have created colorful, and sometimes fluffy, takes on the classic bag.

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