Panerai banks on the blockchain as counterfeit solution. Plus, how Web3 plans to leverage the legacy of Keith Haring | Jing Daily

Panerai banks on the blockchain as counterfeit solution. Plus, how Web3 plans to leverage the legacy of Keith Haring | Jing Daily

It was a big week for Diesel, whose Milan Fashion Week collection went viral once again thanks to creative director Glenn Martens’ clever denim dissections. A number of the maison’s NFT holders were also invited to attend the Spring/Summer 2024 showcase, in a similar move to Prada’s ‘Timecapsule” token project, which granted IRL access to the house’s Fall/Winter 2023 runway last year. 

Diesel’s recent reinvigoration under Martens’ direction is making a splash in Web3 too. The brand has also partnered with DressX to take its iconic pieces to the Meta Avatar Store, Mark Zuckerberg’s virtual wardrobe marketplace that features some of the biggest names in fashion. 

In other news, vintage Web3 label Mntge is bringing Keith Haring’s legacy to the digital realm while luxury watchmaker Panerai is harnessing the power of blockchain technology. The artisan is banking on Arianee’s digital passport solution to help tackle the watch market’s notorious counterfeit quandary. 

Panerai is turning to blockchain-powered solutions to tackle counterfeit, provenance, and second-hand market implications. Photo: Arianee

Panerai leverages authentication efforts by tapping blockchain-powered solutions

What happened: From October 3, luxury timepiece artisan Panerai will be implementing a digital passport system for all of its watches. Utilizing digital passport solution Arianee’s proprietary tech, the brand unveiled the project to audiences during Shanghai’s Watches and Wonders event over the weekend. The passport will act as a digital certificate of authentication, as well as display information on each individual watch’s provenance and technical specifications. 

The verdict: Blockchain-enabled technology is proving to be a valuable solution to one of the watch industry’s most pressing challenges. Due to the increasing sophistication of fakes, the industry is highly susceptible to counterfeit copies, with the UK alone reported to have over one million bogus watches in circulation today. 

More timepiece makers are banking on blockchain’s potential to ensure authenticity, reassure investors, improve the quality of the second-hand market, and further personalize the watch-buying experience.

Mntge is bringing Keith Haring’s legacy to Web3 in the form of NFC-chipped patches. Photo: Mntge

Mtnge collaborates with The Haring Studio to bring legendary artist Keith Haring’s work to the blockchain

What happened: Vintage fashion spearheader Mntge is banking on collaboration to boost its exposure in the art world. The phygital fashion label, which has already made strides across Web3 since launching last year, tapped into artist Keith Haring’s cult popularity to launch a vintage-inspired patch capturing Haring’s iconic 1980s imagery. Patches were available to purchase via Mntge’s website for $39.99, with a corresponding online auction for the NFT open for bidding on Christie’s platform until September 20.

The verdict: With each patch having its own near-field-communication (NFC) chip embedded into the fabric, the tie-up marks the first time that Haring’s work has been released in the form of an NFT. The drop, which launched on September 14, is also backed by one of the art market’s biggest institutions, Christie’s, helping drive more visibility to Mntge’s cultural ambitions and put it on the radar of some of the industry’s most prolific aficionados.

As Martens’ new Diesel universe comes together in the real world, it’s also beginning to take shape in the virtual one. Photo: DressX

Diesel teams up with DressX to launch new digital wearables in Meta Avatars Store

What happened: Arriving on the heels of its recent tie-up with Public Pressure, Diesel is back making moves in the metaverse alongside digital fashion marketplace DressX. The two are joining forces to take Diesel’s buzz-worthy garments to the Meta Avatar Store. The 10-piece capsule collection includes Diesel’s trademark denim, sneakers, and two-pieces, and is interoperable with Instagram, Facebook, Messenger and Quest VR. The first five pieces from the series were available on September 14, with the other five dropping later this year.

The verdict: After launching in June 2022, Meta’s virtual “metafashion” wardrobe has been kitting digital natives out in several luxury labels, including Balenciaga, Thom Browne, and Prada. Though the store fell off the radar when the metaverse’s popularity declined earlier this year, its new additions of Valentino and Diesel are set to pique interest in the platform. 

As for Diesel, its global resonance with Gen Z — no doubt bolstered by its recent appointment of Glenn Martens as creative director — allows the house to hold a distinct advantage over other luxury heritage brands. With younger, fashion-savvy consumers turning to the digital world as a place to invest in luxury pieces and express themselves, Diesel’s on and off-screen presence is likely to bode well among this new generation of spenders.



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