Parel Studios Is More Than Just Outerwear

Parel Studios Is More Than Just Outerwear

Outerwear is a congested market. You could say it’s pretty much water-tight when it comes to letting these GORE-TEX-obsessed newcomers enter the fold (see what I did there?).

Every so often, however, a certain label manages to slip through the well-ventilated mesh pockets of the industry, and seize an opportunity. This season, Danish label Parel Studios did exactly that.

Founded in Copenhagen back in 2020, Parel Studios is on a simple mission to amplify the essence of functional design within its products, and in-turn strike a balance between traditional workwear, lifestyle, and activewear.

“With Parel we like to be able to embody all apparel categories and we aim to eventually master each area the best we possibly can,” Michael Lennheden co-founder and creative director of the brand, tells Highsnobiety.

“We move in between the fashion and lifestyle scene, and the activewear outdoor/performance scenes, grabbing inspiration from both ends.”

The brand’s latest collection, titled Development_05, is a part of its self-titled Apparel Research Program, in which it continues to embark on its brand mission by delivering everyday practicality with each of its garments.

“We want to create good gear for everyone’s everyday wardrobe,” Lennheden continues. “We are on a constant journey trying to understand what makes a good item, and then make it just a little bit better every time. We call this Apparel Research Program.”

Development_05 itself comprises a myriad of techy materials like four-way stretch ripstop, lightweight nylons, and garment-dyed smooth jersey, all of which is realized in an earth-inspired autumnal palette of reds, greens, and blues.

At its core, Parel Studios is undoubtedly an outerwear brand, yet there’s more to it than just keeping people dry. For every water-repellent Etna Jacket, there’s a lightweight woolen Samara shirt, while for every ripstop Tiede Jacket, there’s a pair of the brand’s signature Narva Pants.

“Maybe we are not just an outerwear label,” says Lennheden when I ask him what makes Parel Studios stand out from other similar outdoors-focused labels. And he’s right. For too long brands have been pigeon-holed by one particular type of product, but when you’re looking to cater for the masses, where do you sit?

“We essentially started the brand with a mission of making timeless useful apparel for everyone,” Lennheden continues. “Parel Studios essentially offers functional, comfortable garments, that give people confidence in going about their daily routines. At the moment, I’m confident that’s what we’re doing. So I’m happy.”

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