Pedal-less Micro Bike

Pedal-less Micro Bike

At a glance, one might think the JackRabbit is a kids’ bike due to its size, but it is in fact a fun, cruiser style electric bike built for adults. And although it’s shaped like an e-bike, it’s not quite, as it’s chain-less and pedal-less, which makes it more of a scooter.

Categorisation aside, the aluminium JackRabbit is lightweight and simple to use, and most of all it looks sharp. The bike is just 48-inches long when in use and 40-inches long when folded, meaning carrying it around town or hopping onto public transport with the 24 lb bike is much easier.

Without the need to pedal, the throttle is controlled via the thumb, up to a maximum speed of 20 mph. The bike is powered by a 300 Watt rear hub brushless electric motor, and it’s equipped with a removable battery pack that offers 12 miles of range.

Due to its miniature format, JackRabbit works best for people who are 6’2” and under, while its maximum load is 240 lbs, including the weight of the rider and any accessories or luggage.



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