Playful Portable Speakers

Playful Portable Speakers

Lately, Polaroid has been expanding its products outside of the photography field that is of course known for. A great example of this is a new series of Bluetooth-compatible speakers from the American brand.

The Polaroid ‘Music Players’ follows the brand’s design language with a playful, colourful aesthetic. There are four sizes in the series; P1 is the smallest and most portable, P2 is again wearable with a wrist strap, P3 takes the iconic form of a boom-box, and P4 is the most powerful offering and is styled with a decidedly retro-futuristic feel. All options in the series feature a red button that pays tribute to the camera’s instantly-recognisable shutter button.

Polaroid is also launching a free music discovery service called Polaroid Radio. With five human-curated radio stations that a mix of brand new and classic tracks, these channels are ad-free and listeners don’t have the option to pause, skip, or rewind — just like the good old days. Polaroid Radio is freely available via the Music Players products, with the Players’ analogue dial specially designed for changing Polaroid Radio stations without picking up a phone, giving it a decidedly nostalgic feel. Polaroid Radio can also be listened to online at or via the Polaroid Music app.

Prices for the portable players are refreshingly affordable, too, starting at just US$59.99 for the P1 and going up to US$289.99 for the P4.



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