Reviving A 1970s Concept

Reviving A 1970s Concept

Back in the 1960s and 1970s, Mercedes-Benz created various C 111 experimental vehicles for testing Wankel rotary and turbodiesel engines as well as polymer-based bodyshells. The stunningly designed mid-engine sports cars also feature vibrant orange-and-black paintwork and signature gullwing doors. While none of these cars ever made it to production, Mercedes recently created the all-electric Vision One-Eleven show car as the modern-day interpretation of the legendary C 111.

The all-electric Vision One-Eleven follows the modern Mercedes-Benz One-Bow design language, with a low-slung front end in a rectangular shape. The copper-orange alubeam paintwork is paired with front and rear skirts finished in matte black, paying homage to the iconic two-tone C 111. The front and rear of the concept feature flexible external panels that display messages to other road users. The prominent rear diffuser is another highlight of the exterior design, and the large wheels sitting under pumped arches are just as eye-catching.

The interior of Vision One-Eleven has been designed around a lounge concept. While it has a race mode setting with an upright backrest, as well as a complex steering wheel fitted with functional controls and a compact touchscreen mounted to the side of the steering wheel that helps driver to focus, in lounge mode the seats are integrated into the environment, allowing the occupants to sit back and relax. The silver upholstery and the pixel display in the dashboard area both offer a retro-futuristic feel, and there is plenty of luggage space for a supercar.

The Vision One-Eleven is powered by a YASA axial-flux motor and battery with high-performance liquid-cooled cylindrical cell. Although details on the powertrain have not been given, Mercedes is using the Vision One-Eleven to push the boundaries and envision some of the new technologies that will eventually be seen in future production models.



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