Seoul Man: Massimo Bottura On His Latest Gucci Osteria in Asia

Seoul Man: Massimo Bottura On His Latest Gucci Osteria in Asia

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How have you chosen chef Hyungkyu Jun and head chef Davide Cardellini to lead the restaurant?

The kitchen of each Gucci Osteria outside of Italy is led by a local chef and an Italian chef, who work together to create a menu that reflects the encounter of the two cultures. The two chefs put together their knowledge, culture, and experience not only in the dishes but also in their approach to work, team management, and the world of hospitality, to give life to the most harmonious contamination of cultures.

Are you confident that your global restaurants have turned a corner after the nightmare of Covid? As a famous optimist, what good were you able to take from the pandemic?

The last few years have certainly tested humanity. We have been scarred by the pandemic and conflicts that have erupted around the world. This great suffering has created the need for more joy, love, understanding, and action. Among all the sufferings we all experienced, the past two years have taken many things away from us, but it has also given us something very precious: time. Time to think, time to act. I am more convinced than ever that the gastronomic world, like that of art, design, and architecture, can do more; we can look outside our kitchen and studios and projects, toward those in need, and our planet, a place very much in need of care.

Your work has always been underpinned by a true social conscience and sustainability; can you tell us about Food for Soul?

Refettorio comes from the Latin word “reficere”: to remake, to restore. A Refettorio nourishes not just the body but also the soul. It is a place where you are invited to share a meal. Each Refettorio collects surplus food and gives it a new life, transforming it into delicious meals for those in need. Each Refettorio is a cultural project, a space that unites people, revives neighborhoods, and restores dignity through beauty and community. When you invest in ideas, beauty, and hospitality, you are bringing everyone together to shape the future; to make a difference; to be part of the solution.  

Also, in less than six years, Food for Soul opened 13 Refettorios across nine countries around the world. There is so much global interest as the world becomes more aware of the need to act for change. We try to cater to each demand, partnering with a local non-profit to create spaces that could uplift those most vulnerable, bring people together and at the same time act sustainably.

Our partnerships are what ensure the longevity of these spaces so that they can exist for a long time and become important community centers. In just the last two years of the pandemic, the projects have saved over 670 tons of food and served over 1.5 million meals as well as 1.85 million fresh food boxes. Food for Soul action has reached over 850,000 guests all around the world thanks to the incredible work of over 100,00 people including chefs, volunteers and apprentices.

In 2020, our Refettorios have doubled their impact both in the amount of food saved and meals served. We have opened Refettorios in so many places around the world and the doors are always open. They are serving lunches and dinners. They are welcoming individuals and families. They are engaging chefs and volunteers. We are creating a dialogue and learning that sharing a meal is a gesture of inclusion—my mom used to say so! And sharing is the biggest joy in life.

Gucci Osteria Da Massimo Bottura in Seoul is now open at Gucci Gaok, 6F, 223, Itaewon-Ro, Yongsan-Gu, Seoul



Source Credit: This article originally appeared on Tatler Asia by Tatler Asia. Read the original article -