Serge DeNimes “The Beyond” Collection: Release Info

Serge DeNimes “The Beyond” Collection: Release Info

New jewelry alert! Serge DeNimes penultimate collection of 2021 has arrived, exploring themes of the “The Beyond.”

Time flies when you’re having fun. One minute it’s 2011, and Oliver Proudlock’s Serge DeNimes is entering the apparel and accessory game, next thing you know it’s 2021, and the brand is four years deep in jewelry making.

Since making the transition from apparel into silver goods, the brand has reached retailers like Selfridges, as well as a successful Soho pop-up under its belt. An impressive timeline, especially considering the difficulties that the last eighteen months created. The last four years have seen Serge delve deep into the craft, working through a plethora of themes and collections that have leveled the brand against some household names, thanks to its affordable pricing – a difficult thing to find in the pursuit of new rings and chains.

The latest collection, titled “The Beyond,” sees the design team explore a dream-like state of mind, bringing motifs like crescent moons, galaxies, and comets. If you’re knee-deep in astrology TikTok, you’ll definitely find something you like. Crafted in sterling silver, the collection offers a pretty broad arrangement, totaling thirty-one unique pieces.

As we’ve previously discussed, pearls are having a serious moment. “The Beyond” has several pearl options, including the green-pearled “Atmosphere” necklace to the silver “Lunar” bracelet, and matching silver “Lunar” necklace. If pearls are ever going away, it certainly won’t be anytime soon.

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