Shared Beginnings

Shared Beginnings

Bazil Khalaf, 16, joined The Little Arts Academy (LAA) 2013 while he was attending Woodlands Primary School. “My parents decided to enroll me as I was really searching for something to do; so, we went down to LAA, which was then at POMO in Dhoby Ghaut. I spent months trying out different art forms and ultimately chose dance. Bazil has been performing for at least six of the eight years he’s spent with LAA and 10 Square Youth. His followers keep track of his progress on Instagram at @_nobouff_.

“I was only seven when I joined LAA, but I was already searching for something meaningful to do, something that I was passionate about. Meanwhile, my parents wanted me to learn skills that I can develop. They enrolled me in silat lessons, a traditional Malay martial art, at the nearby community centre, but I eventually found that my talent and interest lay in the arts.”

At LAA, Bazil had many opportunities to perform in 10 Square Youth productions. He also had his acting debut at a 10 Square Youth year-end production in 2018 while still a student in LAA. “Over the years, I’ve been able to hone my talents, learn new skills, and make many friends. The training centre has been a big part of my life. It has given me many opportunities to showcase my talent in dance and theatre through local and overseas performances.”

After graduation, Bazil plans to return as an LAA alumni to help train younger talents through classes and performances. “I want to pursue a career in dance, but I’m also considering furthering my studies in higher institutions as I keep my passion for the arts alive.”

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