Shop Our Favorite Drops from Supreme FW22 Week 1

Shop Our Favorite Drops from Supreme FW22 Week 1

After a brief lull, it feels like Supreme is back in a big way. Enlisting the help of Tremaine Emory as Creative Director definitely aided the Supreme cause, reigniting a sense of excitement for many contemporary-style fans. But despite his well-respected name, Emory still had to prove himself, and he has. Supreme FW22 is already being talked about as one of the best in years.

Supreme FW22 kicked off last week with several seriously hyped drops. None more so than the André 3000 T-shirt which was teased several weeks back using posters around major cities; posters which were swiftly lifted from the walls by fans and assumably given pride of place on bedroom walls or sold at a premium.

Along with the André 3000 T-shirt, Supreme FW22 Week 1 gave us our first taste of some of the best Supreme accessories for a long time. A TY Beanie Baby, toolbox, and a Tenugui Towel Set whet our appetite for the coming season of fire accessories.

If you missed out on anything from Supreme FW22 Week 1, rest assured that you’ll be able to find it at StockX. Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite drops from the first week of what could be a big season for ‘Preme.

Shop the best of Supreme FW22 Week 1 at StockX below.

André 3000 T-Shirt

The main event of Supreme FW22 Week 1 was undoubtedly André 3000’s iconic appearance on the Supreme photo tee which is reserved for legends only. Joining names like Lou Reed, Rick Rubin, Morrissey, and more, André’s in good company.

Catwoman Tee

Superheroes have got out of hand lately. With the folks at Marvel and DC seemingly making them up for fun now, it’s worth looking back to the OGs. Catwoman is the main character of this show.

Beanie Baby

TY’s Beanie Babys are probably some of the most successful children’s toys ever made. You likely had a couple of them when you were growing up, and they even have an adult collector’s community. Supreme dresses this bear in the star-spangled banner for FW22.

TOYO T-320 Steel Toolbox

How many Supreme toolboxes will be used to hold tools? Nobody really knows but we’d say it’s more likely they’ll be filled with absolutely nothing and placed on a shelf somewhere.

Griffin Anorak

While the accessories and André 3000 Tee really stole the show for week 1, it’d be remiss not to mention the Griffin Anorak which landed alongside several other major outerwear pieces.

Studded Quilted Leather Jacket

Case in point. One of the other highlight outerwear pieces of week 1 and maybe the whole season is this quilted, studded leather jacket cut from some of the heaviest leather you’ll ever hold.

Tenugui Towel Set

Tenugui Towels are essentially the most useful towels around. With no express use, the Tenugui Towel can be used for literally anything. Whether you’re cleaning your house or using it as a handkerchief, make sure yours says Supreme in big letters on it.

Por Ciento Soccer Shorts

It turns out that football shorts are the ideal length for everyday usage. Cut from lightweight nylon, their handy mid-length build is only made more wearable by this bold vintage Por Ciento print.

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