Shop the Best Filson Work Shirts Here

Shop the Best Filson Work Shirts Here

Founded in 1897, Filson stands with the stalwarts in outdoor clothing and workwear. With the sharp rise in desire for specialist outdoor clothing, the brand has — perhaps surprisingly — never been more relevant. As the fashion set increasingly turns its attention to the OGs, Filson is in prime position to become a contemporary staple once again. Its collection of outdoor gear covers all bases, but a few stand out as specialties: Filson work shirts, for example.

The humble work shirt is an all-rounder of the highest order. Slightly formal thanks to its collar and button-down build, yet hardy enough to be essential for laborers the world over — name another garment that can stretch that far. Filson work shirts are some of the best around, too. With over a century of experience under its belt, that should come as no surprise, though.

Cut from hard-wearing flannels, the shirts are no-nonsense wardrobe anchors that work alone or as the ideal layering pieces during fall and winter. To honor one of the OGs of the workwear game, we’ve rounded up the best Filson work shirts below.

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Alaskan Guide Shirt

We had to start on the OG from the OG. The red & black plaid flannel is a stalwart in men’s style and, in keeping with Filson’s signature: “You might as well have the best”!

Vintage Flannel Work Shirt

A man can never have too many flannels. That’s because they come in so many different palettes. This vintage iteration uses black & natural off-white as its base for full versatility.

Scout Shirt

Cut from lightweight cotton, the Scout Shirt is good for use during summer, too.

Northwest Wool Shirt

While many Filson work shirts come with classic styling, the Northwest Wool Shirt features a two-tone houndstooth pattern for a more contemporary take on the style.

Moleskin Seattle Shirt

Featuring a soft moleskin build, the Seattle Shirt’s green hue is an MVP. The texture and tone work together perfectly for one of the best overshirts we’ve seen all season.

12-Wale Corduroy Shirt

Heavyweight corduroy is always a good starting point for a shirt. Filson builds on the sturdy foundation with perfect detailing to round out this classic.

Lined Mackinaw Wool Jac-Shirt

Standing at the intersection between a jacket and a shirt, the Lined Mackinaw Jac-Shirt is basically the ideal winter garment. Layering made easy, plus high-end insulation and full utility, it’s a hack for getting through the cold season.

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