Supreme's First 35mm Camera Drops Today

Supreme's First 35mm Camera Drops Today

After teasing the idea with a branded Instax film last year, Supreme is finally set to drop its first camera. And for those in the business of taking fit pics, this could be one of the most exciting items to drop, even by Supreme’s standards.

For a brand whose currency is hype, many Supreme drops rely on shock factor or pure absurdity, so it’s refreshing to see a release that is so simple. Supreme’s first camera, a Yashica MF-1, comes in the brand’s iconic black and red colors with a Supreme logo emblazoned over it – of course. Check out the Heji Shin-shot teaser below.

And in a classic Supreme move, the American lifestyle brand picked a contested model for its foray into photography. The 35mm analog camera doesn’t have a track record of being liked by photographers. According to photography bloggers, the Yashica doesn’t shoot sharp images and it’s best used for distances up to 20 meters – that’s enough for a fit pic. So let’s just say, you won’t be buying the camera – most likely at an inflated resale price – for quality or handiness. Like many of its accessory drops, you should really only buy Supreme’s MF-1 if you’re that obsessed with the logo.

If you’re semi-serious about photography, you’re better off doing some research and buying a run-of-the-mill 35mm, but you didn’t click on this article for photography tips. For the love of the logo, the flex, and the grainy fit pics, you can get your hands on the logo-laden Yashica MF-1 when it drops later today at Supreme at 11 a.m. ET for around $60.



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