Supreme's New York Subway Train is Serious Box Logo Mania

Supreme's New York Subway Train is Serious Box Logo Mania

Just when you thought Bogo mania couldn’t get any bigger, Supreme decided that New York’s L Line subway train needed a makeover.

We’ve seen Supreme pull some pretty mad moves. For those who found their DIY game was lacking the streetwear seal of approval, crowbars, hammers, and bolt cutters got the Lafayette treatment. Sure, those were cool, but what about the upcoming Skittles collab?

Supreme knows how to make a statement and those statements never get less outrageous. Ahead of Fall/Winter 2021‘s release, the biggest and likely most unforgettable statement yet has been made. Enter the Supreme L train.

Moving through the city as the second physical collaboration between Supreme and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA, for short), the blink-and-you-won’t-miss-it L train is a pretty drastic leap forward from 2017’s co-branded MetroCards. The surprise partnership is another moment that further cements the brand’s cult status, underscoring Supreme’s transcendental status with some of the world’s most marketable iconography.

For those looking to flex their favorite piece of Supreme outerwear against the backdrop of this one-of-a-kind train, you’ll find it on the L line, which travels between 14th and 8th street in Manhattan and the Canarsie Rockaway Pkwy stop. So far, there has been no indication as to how long the collaboration will remain on the tracks but, given the MTA’s innumerous scheduling issues, it’s surprising that the Supreme train actually debuted on time.

If you prefer to keep your streetwear on the smaller size, prepare for the imminent drop by studying the forthcoming apparel and Nike Air Force 1 launching as part of Supreme’s FW21 lineup.



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