Swatch Launches BIG BOLD PLANETS Four-Piece Capsule Collection

Swatch Launches BIG BOLD PLANETS Four-Piece Capsule Collection

Continuing Swatch’s love of all things extra terrestrial continues with the four-piece BIG BOLD PLANETS collection.

The 47mm quartz quartet makes bold use of purple, orange, green and blue with each watch featuring a distinct design.

Touchdown (purple) features a launch countdown, Oops! (orange) makes use of printed and physical hour markers on the bezel, watch glass and movement, Come in Peace! (green) is home to an alien while Second Home (blue) features a ringed planet with only the two o’clock position indicated. 

Each design is presented with a textured matte black silicon strap along with a colour-matched alternative, which can be swapped out using the supplied tool kit, with each strap making reference to fictional planets.

The BIG BOLD PLANETS collection uses Swatch’s iridescent Solar Spectrum Glass and luminescent Swatch Glow hands and is available now via Swatch, priced $135 USD.

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