Tekla's Ultra-Limited Red Sleepwear Is For Lounging & Dancing

Tekla's Ultra-Limited Red Sleepwear Is For Lounging & Dancing

Tekla’s ultra-stylish sleepwear isn’t just for lounging at home (though it’s very good at that). Instead, the Swedish company’s pajama sets are ideal for all kinds of daily activities, be it strolling to get coffee, visiting a local book store, or dancing on rooftops.

About that last one: Farfetch BEAT, the digital retailer’s curatorial arm, has requisitioned Tekla for some limited edition sleepwear and matching bedding for its latest drop, serving up a mere 25 pajama sets through Farfetch’s site and Tekla’s web store.

The collaboration’s theme is Trisha Brown’s Roof Piece, a dance performance that the artist first executed in 1971.

Farfetch & Tekla reimagined Roof Piece for the digital age, presenting the performance as a series of dances presented on TikTok and each company’s social media accounts, filtering the contemporary trend of brief videos through a fine art lens.

Model Lily McMenamy wears the exclusive red Tekla sleepwear set in the imagery, demonstrating the fluidity of the cotton poplin set through graceful maneuvers that mirror the flow of the surrounding architecture and wavering sunlight.

Brown’s original vision for Roof Piece included a multitude of dancers (Brown initially cast six) atop a spread of roofs but it can still be performed as a solo act, clearly.

To commemorate the partnership’s roots, Farfetch is exclusively offering a reproduction of a poster that announced the original Roof Piece along with the sale of each sleepwear set, bringing together the old and the new in a show of contemporary heritage.

Each red cotton poplin sleepwear set is embroidered with text that reiterates the performance that inspired the collaboration, a subtle homage to what came before.

Tekla has offered red pajama sets before, even venturing into patterns and streetwear-leaning collaborations.

But this team-up is a distinct shade and of a high-minded aesthetic unique to the Farfetch BEAT program.

Like Trisha Brown’s original performance, it’s also a one-off. These Tekla sets are gone when they’re gone, so better get while the getting’s good.

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