The Secret History of the Hermès Kelly

The Secret History of the Hermès Kelly

Historically, the bag has also been made in varying styles: the Shoulder Kelly, featuring a shortened and lengthened torso, with a longer handle to be worn on the shoulder. There is also the Kelly Voyage, a 50cm Kelly accompanied with a removable thick canvas strap, which, as the name suggests, is perfect for an airport look. And then there’s the Kelly Relax, a comically huge, but still chic, version of the classic.

Each style is available in an array of hardware, colours and leathers. The two main hardware options are gold or palladium (silver colour). Kellys also do rarely come available in other types of hardware like rose gold, guilloche, even diamond-encrusted solid gold hardware, with a price tag not for the faint-hearted, though the best things never are. Perhaps the saying should be changed to “Hermés Kelly’s are a girl’s best friend”?

In addition to the various styles, the traditional Kelly comes in a range of sizes. From the Micro Kelly (15) to the new holy grails the Mini Kelly & Mini Kelly II (Kelly 20), to the classic 25, 28 and 32, 35, 40—the measurement in centimetres across the front bottom of the bag.

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