The Sustainability Initiatives And Ideas Reshaping Hong Kong’s F&B Industry

The Sustainability Initiatives And Ideas Reshaping Hong Kong’s F&B Industry

Yet there is still a lot of work to do. “Our food system is inherently wasteful because it’s industrialised and the whole process is completely out of our hands at this point. With such huge, long supply chains, food just gets flown back and forth before it gets put on the market shelves. And so that would take a lot more effort, not just as a city, to change,” says Tam. “But I think there are again little ways which we can take our baby steps—shorten our supply chains, buy more local…this makes us less vulnerable as well.”

Tam adds that thinking about how a city feeds itself is important. “A healthy, well-fed, well-educated population is beneficial all around. Food is one of those amazing things that cuts across to public health, to medicine, to nutrition, to better mental well being, to better social relations…food is all of that.”

As for the future, Tam says “I want more people to be educated in the food system, I want more people to talk about it. I want HKFoodWorks to be a project that inspires young ones to think about sustainability from all different perspectives. So, not just bioengineers, not just nutritionists; I want every single person going into school, or work, or whatever it is, to have sustainability on their mind. This can be applied to a variety of things, from food, to fashion, in so many ways. It has to become part of the way we think and view the world.”

In a city where around 3,400 tonnes of food are wasted each day, achieving a sustainable food system is paramount. The food industry’s problems have been made clear in recent years and a heightening awareness of sustainability has spurred change. Individuals, businesses and organisations across Hong Kong have risen to this challenge, using their creativity and innovation to find solutions. Their determination pushes us towards a sustainable food industry which ultimately will be key to a better environment, society and community.



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