Two-Wheel SUV – Blackbird Automotive Journal

Two-Wheel SUV – Blackbird Automotive Journal

You’re likely aware that the streets of Taiwan are bustling with motorcycles, even if you’ve never been there. Taiwanese company Gogoro not only provides a battery-swapping recharging platform for two-wheelers but also designs its own electric scooters in-house. Their latest innovation is the CrossOver Smartscooter, hailed by the company as a “two-wheel SUV”.

Built for all-terrain riding with a ground clearance of 14.2 cm, the CrossOver Smartscooter boasts a new frame with enhanced rigidity for increased strength and stability. The electric motor delivers a maximum power output of 7.6 kW, and its swappable battery pack offers a range of up to 150 km.

Describing this electric scooter as a two-wheel SUV is not just about its rugged capabilities; it also emphasizes its ample storage space. The CrossOver features a mounting point expansion system with 26 locking points and four cargo areas: a platform-designed headlight, footrest, seat, and rear cargo space. Additionally, specially designed add-ons, including various racks and baskets, cater to extra storage needs.

In line with most smart vehicles, the CrossOver is integrated with Gogoro’s mobile app for Bluetooth controls, active message notifications, remote command and control, real-time online vehicle condition inspections, and more. As of now, the CrossOver is exclusively available in the Taiwanese market.



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