Unpacking Luxury in the Metaverse: Everything To Know About Virtual Fashion

Unpacking Luxury in the Metaverse: Everything To Know About Virtual Fashion

The digital fashion industry also tends to make pretty grand claims regarding sustainability, and a lot of the people who work in digital fashion houses seem to have been genuinely motivated to start their companies by a desire to avoid the waste and damage caused by the traditional fashion industry. Fabricant co-founder Amber Jae Slooten, for example, launched the company because she wanted to indulge her love of fashion while avoiding the industry’s toxic practices. Gaubert had a similar realisation after working in fashion for more than two decades.

“I spent a lot of time on the ground in places like Cambodia, Indonesia and Thailand, and I saw at first hand the damage done in the manufacturing plants,” he says. “I’ve seen some pretty harrowing sights with clothing being made for major western brands.”

DressX claimed in 2020 that a digital garment has only 3 per cent the carbon footprint of a physical one, and saves the use of 3,300 litres of water. That might well be true, but the bigger question is whether it means anything: because if digital items are purchased in addition to physical ones rather than instead of them, it doesn’t.

“In my opinion, digital fashion does not make you reach net zero tomorrow,” says Hong Kong sustainability consultant Pat Dwyer, founder and director of The Purpose Business. “Until NFTs can cover our private parts and protect us from biting cold or humid summers, there is no way digital fashion replaces physical fashion. NFTs are about the ownership, not about what you wear on a daily basis. But if creating clothes in 3D means that the hundreds of fashion weeks reduce carbon emissions because there is less production, pollution, waste and fashion shows, then yes, perhaps there is a win for sustainability.”



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