Verdy x NIGO's JINS&SUN Glasses Collaboration

Verdy x NIGO's JINS&SUN Glasses Collaboration

Brand: Verdy x JINS&SUN

Buy: JINS from July 22 for ¥13,200 apiece (approximately $120); ¥16,500 ($150) for the pouch set and ¥27,500 ($250) for the vinyl set.

Editor’s Notes: While overseeing HUMAN MADE and countless collaborations, NIGO is leading JINS&SUN, a sub-label of affordable eyewear brand JINS that offers easy access to NIGO’s preferred style of shade. Now, following a recent HUMAN MADE team-up, NIGO is bringing in-demand graphic designer Verdy onboard the JINS&SUN train to dish out a selection of transforming glasses.

Unsurprisingly, given the retro inclinations of both designers, the resulting limited-edition frames are retro in style but contemporary in finish. Crafted from JINS’ lightweight Celite material these glasses are divided into Type V (slightly higher bridge, silver rivets) and Type D (lower bridge, gold rivets, slightly more curved arms), offered in brown, black, clear, or pink makeups.

These aren’t normal eyewear, though: detachable front panels grant them the ability to shapeshift between clear lenses, sunglasses, or a wacky grid design. Verdy claims inspiration from costumes worn by ’80s British punk bands for the grid but they actually remind us of those shutter shades made famous by Kanye in the video for “Stronger”. Choose your own inspiration?

Along with the two removable panels, the glasses all come with a cleaning cloth and strappy Tyvek case that can be worn cross-body, both emblazoned with imagery of one of Verdy’s trademark cartoon characters, Vick.

And of course, because this is a NIGO affair, there’s a collectible angle. Collectors can cough up for a Vick-shaped carabiner pouch or a soft vinyl head in the shape of Vick’s head, the latter crafted by the toy experts at SECRET BASE.



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