Vetements VTMNTS SS22 Clothing Collection Lookbook

Vetements VTMNTS SS22 Clothing Collection Lookbook

Brand: VTMNTS (by Vetements, naturally)

Season: Spring/Summer 2022

Buy: Vetements’ website, maybe VTMNTS’ website, and stockists like SSENSE, presumably.

Editor’s Notes: Well, who could’ve seen this coming — besides everyone? Vetements has finally unveiled its much-ballyhooed “Secret Project”: it’s called “VTMNTS” (shock!) and deals in apparel that looks fairly similar to mainline Vetements (awe!). Snark aside, the results are still pretty fun, even if we already knew the name back in April.

Though it was teased on its private Instagram page for a few days, Vetements’ new imprint was very much a known unknown. Only a few things were clear: CEO Guram Gvasalia and the Gvasalia Family Foundation were overseeing it and that its garments would hew close to “classic menswear” with a genderless bent.

Furthermore, VTMNTS will apparently expand its purview beyond mere fashion collections to also include mentorships, financial aid, and other inclusive efforts, but the brand hasn’t explained much beyond the initial teaser, which acknowledged that the VTMNTS clothing line would run parallel to the charitable projects. Perhaps VTMNTS will eventually create food like its forebear.

Even after the big debut, the only thing that VTMNTS has actually revealed — besides its name — is its debut SS22 collection, “XXX,” which comprises a whopping 100 looks. It’s crazy just how much Vetements produces for these shows (Vetements SS22 had 129 looks!) but at least VTMNTS asserts that the “100 looks represent our 100% commitment to this industry,” which is a nice sentiment, I guess.

As for the actual garments, they’re very much of the Vetements School of Design but you can clearly see a distinction between Vetements and VTMNTS. Compare “XXX” to Vetements’ own SS22 collection, for instance: though VTMNTS is still a very playful affair, it’s more grounded than Vetements’ proportion-warping dresses and cabinet-shaped tailoring.

Though VTMNTS does indeed deliver many Vetements-like bits — including leather blazers, skin-tight sleeveless tees, baggy slacks, Matrix-y graphics, and very Matrix-y glasses — it’s distinguished by more proportional silhouettes and more recognizable garments. For instance, there are classic trucker-style jackets, puffer jackets, carcoats, ringer tees, and creased slacks in fairly normal (and accessible) cuts. VTMNTS spices up the affair with some youthful prints that include pronouns (“They/Them,” “She/Her”), collegiate logos, and barcode imagery — a recurring motif that riffs on VTMNTS’ own trademark filing — but the whole offering is significantly less advanced than Vetements.

Thus, VTMNTS doesn’t really feel like Vetements-lite. It’s got a bit of a diffusion line feel, sure, and there’s plenty of thematic Vetements crossover (hello, “FUCK OFF” derbies) but VTMNTS eschews Vetements’ exaggerated proportions for something more considered. If that comes with a more accessible price tag, VTMNTS may be just the ticket for Vetements’ legion of young, social media-savvy followers.



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